Living Content is a curatorial platform that aggregates reviews on contemporary art exhibitions, that features interviews with artists, and collaborative limited editions. Based in New York, Living Content operates internationally through an expanding network of writers, artists and collaborators. Occasionally, LC organizes discursive events and exhibitions.
LC is a platform that centralizes information on contemporary art in the service of community and discourse.


LC features selected exhibitions and maps the surrounding critical discourse by aggregating reviews, documentation and original content. Readers are also able to vote and submit their own reviews.


Living Content features in-depth, well-researched interviews with artists in order to map out and highlight the concerns and interests that define our contemporary moment.


Sometimes, the interviews expand into collaborative limited editions created with artists.

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Okayama Art Summit 2019: If the Snake @ Okayama Art Summit 2019


Artistic Director: Pierre Huyghe

Okayama, Japan | Various locations : 27.09.2019 - 24.11.2019

Huyghe entitled this year’s Summit “IF THE SNAKE,” promising to challenge visitors to rethink what constitutes art exhibitions. ‘IF THE SNAKE’ is a living entity, through which navigate heterogeneous things, chemical and algorithmic processes, as well as different intelligent life forms. The inherent dynamic characteristics of the worlds, proposed by the artists, and the conditions of their co-presence, endlessly grow particular modes of uncertain and unpredictable continuity.

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