April 2, 2022
12:00 pm

Launching Fall of 2022

LIVING GARMENT is a new product line that merges fashion, art, and merchandise to deliver garments that expand ecological consciousness.

LIVING GARMENT is launched by curator Adriana Blidaru and fashion designer Nhu Duong as an offshoot of the curatorial platform Living Content. The long-term goal shared by the founders is to provide their global community of artists and cultural producers with a vehicle to make and distribute objects beyond art.

The first product drop is made with CIRCULOSE®, a new recycled cotton fiber made entirely from textile waste manufactured by Renewcell in Sweden. The recycling process is run on renewable energy to be as gentle as possible. This collaboration enables LIVING GARMENT to change the fabric from the inside and close the product’s lifecycle.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Shipibo Conibo Center, a nonprofit that promotes and perpetuates the creative life-ways of the Shipibo-Konibo People of the Peruvian Amazon.

LIVING GARMENT is awarded by the WORTH II Partnership Projects, funded by the COSME Programme of the European Union.


NHU DUONG ( b. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) is a fashion designer based in Paris, France. NHU's fashion practice is characterized by its active engagement with a global community of artists, musicians, and cultural producers. She favors collective and hybrid projects that mix mediums and industries as a way to develop new ways of producing, presenting, and distributing fashion. She has recently been focusing on the specific demands of the Asian women's market in terms of representation, fitting, and sustainability.

Besides her collaborations with leading artists in both museum and commercial contexts, Nhu Duong has been working as a creative consultant with various brands in Europe, the US, and China, most often to define the position of a new brand or a new line at its inception.