Introducing Nhu Duong as the creative director of LIVING GARMENT

April 2, 2022
12:00 pm

Launching Fall of 2022

LIVING GARMENT is conceived as a responsible product line that blurs the borders between fashion, art, and merchandise, to deliver garments that expand ecological consciousness. 

Starting from the understanding that we are living through an intensifying climate crisis, the LIVING GARMENT line -  composed of a hybrid of functional uniforms, merch products, and artists' editions - embraces the aesthetic and production requirements of a new ethos: ecology as avant-garde.


NHU DUONG ( b. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) is a fashion designer based in Paris, France. NHU's fashion practice is characterized by its active engagement with a global community of artists, musicians, and cultural producers. She favors collective and hybrid projects that mix mediums and industries as a way to develop new ways of producing, presenting, and distributing fashion. She has recently been focusing on the specific demands of the Asian women's market in terms of representation, fitting, and sustainability.

Besides her collaborations with leading artists in both museum and commercial contexts, Nhu Duong has been working as a creative consultant with various brands in Europe, the US, and China, most often to define the position of a new brand or a new line at its inception.